SEO and Social media – Perfect digital marketing partners

If you were not aware of this yet, social media has a fairly important impact on how your SEO rankings work.

The best solution to run your campaigns in the best way is to run them together in an integrated manner.

In the past year Google’s algorithm updates have forced website owners to focus on producing content to earn a better ranking. Relevant and interesting content will certainly get you up in the rankings and give you decent on-line exposure. a great article, some images for an infographic will cause people who follow you to share the content and in that way increase your on-line presence.

How do Social and SEO work?

By managing to gain an engaged group of followers and fans on the many social platforms out there, you are able to push out content on a regular basis and engage with an already receptive audience. When you promote your content from your own website onto social media platforms you are able to gain a few bonus SEO points. It works like a cycle that keeps spinning and gaining more and more awareness.


SEO and Social Media Cycle

Are you managing your SEO and Social Media together? Do you increase your on-line reach in this way?

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